What do I use to build a sophisticated user interface for a large application?

I need to build a sophisticated user interface for a large application…and I tried using glut,glui etc…but it doesn’t really support large applications…

I have read up on glow,fox,fltk etc…but I am so confused as to which one is the best…

Could anyone suggest something pleeease…

Thanks a lot,


fltk is very simple to use. it doesn’t make cool looking interfaces but you’ll spend less time to develop the interface.

Use fltk if u are just trying out openGL and u need to make ur programs platform independent. However, if u are building a large application (might be a commercial one) then investing some time in VC++ (for Win obviously !) would be fine. No in-depth MFC - just the basics. This gives u much more control over your application and a professional feel to it. The downside - platform independence is completely lost.

VB sucks - right but it will enable u to design your interface in a jiffy. And it does OpenGL. The downside - be ready with a CD writer if u even think of distributing ur applications. The runtime is TOO large.

I have a similar question - but under GNU-Linux/X-Windows?

I just want to use buttons etc alongside a OpenGL rendering context (I don’t think this is possible with GLUT).

Can I get by using just the X, GL, and GLX libs? Is there a faster better way of doing it?

if you just want to have some buttons (no lists, edit box …) you can do that directly in opengl using viewport, ortho view and textured quads for buttons.
you will be quite limited, but it will be easy.
you can also do that using Xlib but it is very hard to use (not hard, but it will take many time to implement the interface).
i think fltk is the easier way to create interface. it don’t look great but you can have quickly a functional interface.

Have downloaded fltk - it compiles without a hitch and the demos look beautiful.

Now all I need to do is learn the damn thing…