What do I need to get "glGenQueries()" to work?

Hello. I am trying to write a code that has “glGenQueries” in it. My MSVC++6.0 keep complains that there is no such definition.

What do I need to get this to work?

I think my Video Driver (INTEL 855GM or something, on a dell inspiron laptop) has OpenGL 1.3 driver.


Scroll all the way down to “OpenGL 2.0 and extensions”. This also applies to any OpenGL feature >= 1.2.

Occlusion queries were introduced in OpenGL 1.5 Brr, the intel integrated video :-/

OK. I checked the OpenGL version on my laptop. It was 1.3 indeed.

So I ran the same code from a Desktop that has OpenGL 2.0 support.

When I take out the line that has “glGenQueries” it runs fine.

When I include the glGenQueries line, it crashes.

What do I need to do? I’m trying the Collision Detection routine that I found in the book…

Oh I used the GLEW library.

in windows should be use GLew or GLee for Opengl 2.0