What do I need for programming OpenGl ?

Well OpenGl is not new to me
I used Mesa a few years ago,
Now I have at work Visual C++ 6.0
and I want to program in OpenGl.
What do you recomend me to use or to do.
What Library, API, DLL, etc ?
Or is there any engine that could light
things out.



I would highly recommend that you take a look at the following set of tutorials:

Start with the one titled “Setting Up OpenGL in Windows” and try going from there.

I would also suggest picking up the “OpenGL Programming Guide” 3rd ed. a.k.a. the Red Book.


Thanks !

If you’re cheap like me and don’t wanna buy $50 books, you can go to http://heron.cc.ukans.edu/ebt-bin/nph-dweb/dynaweb/SGI_Developer/OpenGL_PG/@Generic__BookView to read the “OpenGL Programming Guide” and to http://www.itknowledge.com/reference/archive/1571690735/ewtoc.html to read the “OpenGL Super Bible”.

Both are very good books. Of course it’s nicer to have a book you can thumb through whenever, but hey, I like to save $100.