What do i do with my gpu

i really wanted to run citra on my computer, sadly it wont run because whenever i try to load a game it says that my gpu doesnt support open gl 3.3. is there anyway for me to get around this? my gpu is fairly good, despite it being 9 years old. NVIDIA GEFORCE 9600M GT GPU(my gpu) thanks for the help in advance

Try updating your video drivers. GeForce 8 and later hardware is capable of OpenGL 3.3 (any hardware which supports DirectX 10 should be physically capable of supporting OpenGL 3.3). The GeForce 9 series was released in 2008 but OpenGL 3.3 wasn’t published until 2011, so it won’t be supported by older versions of the drivers.

Also, if you have a system with dual GPUs (i.e. Intel integrated graphics plus a dedicated GPU), ensure that the game isn’t trying to use the Intel graphics (that’s often the default on laptops/notebooks due to lower power consumption).

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