What book to chose to buy? (1 Math & 1 OpenGL)

Hello everyone!

Glad to be here. I’ve taken a tour on your website, looking for some book recommendations.
I want to start 3D game programming, and I chose openGL as the platform.

So, after I’ve read some thread on the internet I’ve seen that I’ll need to have a good math ground (although I’m on a CS university). So, I’ve looked first for some maths books, and then for some OpenGL ones.

I need to mention I’ve done some 2D Games and I know how to make my way around. But I want to jump now into 3D.

So, I have to chose 2 books to buy - I’ll look later for a cheaper version, but first I want to settle the titles (or maybe if there are 2 in one (Maths AND opengl) would be ok too).



For OpenGL I suggest you the red book and the orange book (opengl shading language).

For maths, maybe a book from Eric Lengyel, since I remember his name (but can’t remember for what :slight_smile: )

go to:


and all you’re needs will be met. Actually, I think math books are a better buy than GL books.