What are the best frustrum culling techniques

What are the best frustrum culling techniques
according to you ?

I’m totaly new with this and want to implement the 1st step of a tree-based visibility algorithm.

tanks for help,

You might want to have a look here

It is very interesting and have downloadable source too.

Im no opengl wizard but I do know how to clip points faster than the this frustram tut

no prep required

just project a line from your camera into infinity

get the dotproduct of each point in space to this camera projection

any points with a dp of less than X amount

can be thrown in a prep list

then do your frustram tests on this reduced point count

the cool bit is , if you allow enough play in with your dp clipping you only need to dp test every 2 or 3rd frame

this is a real time saver


Paul Everett

Tanks !!