What are my options for making an OpenGL v2 3D Modeling Application Software?

My laptop has OpenGL 2.

For now, I just wanna draw and connect vertices, form faces, move or extrude vertices, edges or faces, colour it, save it, open it.

other features down the road:

  • rigging and animation.
  • movie editing 3d animation movies
  • LATER ON: game engine for fighting games / action rpg. usb gamepads and couch-multiplayer, and/or LAN multiplayer, 5vs5, 60 or 120 fps, and maybe online, too.

So, what are my options? freeglut? glfw? allegro??? Pros and cons?

I want to use freeglut if possible, since I already set it up.

But if I can get glfw3 to work, I’ll use that, since it sounds better for a game engine. It’s OpenGL 2 compatible, right?

Can I easily transfer skills from using freeglut (or port freeglut code) to glfw?

Allegro… I don’t know how to set that up :(. Is it OpenGL 2 compatible?

[i]Here’s what I researched:

  • Blender and Godot use OpenGL
  • freeglut can make the simple 3D modeling app I want :), as well as animation using glRotate…:)?
  • use glui for for ui / dialogue boxes

For a game engine:

  • glut can only use one single joystick :frowning: . What about FREEglut???
  • What fps does freeglut go at? My clock app spins once every 48 seconds (and not 60s)
  • glut is good for prototyping and adding your own new features.[/i]