wglUseOutlineFont - how to simulate on linux

Hello everybody!

Is there really noone using 3D fonts on Linux?
Or does everybody rely on a font lib for doing the stuff?
I just would like to use my X fonts as 3D fonts.
So does anybody here has any idea how i can achieve this?
i don’t want to use a font lib (because i am on pascal and first have to put some work in creating bindings and that for every font lib i want to test ) so i think my only chance is to create the geometry on my own.
But perhaps it would help if anybody here has an idea on how to start (perhaps an algo for getting the outlines of a character or some other great ideas).

btw i am using gtk as widget set, so i have all gtk font features available (works great with glxUseXFont but there is no glxUseXOutlineFont )

any help is highly welcome

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