wglUseFontOutlines error

This was posted a while ago on the advanced board. Does anyone know anything about the error 0x8 (out of memory error) caused by wglUseFontOutlines? I’m using a very simple call;

if (wglUseFontOutlines(MainhDC, 0, 256, 256, 0.0f, 0.1f, WGL_FONT_POLYGONS, NULL) == FALSE) {
… etc …

this happens whatever I do to the numbers in the call, even if I reduce it to one single character or copy the example out of the MSDN website verbatim (with non-NULL final parameter). Something strange is going on.

Surely this is common enough to have happened to plenty of other people? wglUseFontBitmaps works fine, and I have a nice graphics card (128Mb) and plenty of RAM so neither of those is a problem.

Any solutions?


Hmmmm, strange.

What operating system and what 3d card are you using?

Does that happen when you run it on a different system?

(I think it could be a driver related problem if you get my drift…)

Using Win2k (fully updated), GeForce4Ti4200. It could be a driver problem - I’ll try instaling the latest ones.

It’s certainly very bizarre.

Anyone else actually had this problem?


It may not be an driver related problem after all.

I expierenced strange effects when:

a.) The c: drive is almost full and windows cant extend the swap file anymore.

b.) The local security policy for the logged in user was very restricted.

Maybe a bit far fetched but worth checking.


It’s not a driver problem - I just installed the newest ones. As for the other issues, my C: drive has 1.3Gb left and I’m logged in as administrator.

This is extremely bizarre. And also very annoying as the workaround using open source libraries is a bit complicated.


Hi Colin, I had exactly this error but some months ago now. If you can wait until tomorrow I will dig deep into my code to see if I left myself any hints :slight_smile: From (dodgy) memory: are you calling it several times? I seem to remember being able to call it error free the first time only.

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