wglSwapInterval not registering...

I finally decided to include the wglSwapIntervalExtension in my engine, and it just isn’t working!

My motivation to use it comes from the tears my programs are displaying due to my lack of sync-ing.

well, I implemented them, and i’m sure that my wglGetProcAddress section of code is working, because when i pass a 0 to wglSwapInterval, 0 is returned by wglGetSwapInterval.

the same works for a 1 as the parameter, but anything above that is clamped to 1, or so i’m assuming from the documentation:
"The ‘interval’ value is silently clamped to
the maximum implementation-dependent value supported before being

so, i figure that maybe my system only allows for a single refresh wait, which is fine by me, because i only wanted to get rid of the tears anyway.

so when I set it to 0, i get what i expected, no change from before implementing the extension.

when i pass a 1, however, and expect all of my woes to ceace, again, nothing happens…

any ideas, guys?

thank you for your bandwidth

(sys: nt 4.0,ati 128,pIII 950)

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Are you sure you have Vsync enabled in your drivers control panel?

that could be a problem for me, because i’m on computers in a lab where i’m not an administrator, so i have no access to that…

if that’s the case, then i have no option, unless i can do it some way other than the control panel

searches for the Knowledge Base

thx for the idea!