wglShareLists - Sharing textures between rendering

I was wondering where the textures are when using wglShareLists,
are they on the PC RAM or on the graphic card ram?

I would guess this depends on the driver.

Let me refine my question.

When sharing textures between a number of rendering contexts is there a way to know where the textures are stored? (Video card RAM or PC RAM)

if it is indeed driver depended, is it writen in the driver spec?

wglShareLists is just a flag that tells the driver that 2 contexts(or more) can use the same texture. Typically, the driver will store textures in the best place possible which would be VRAM.
It will do the same for all resources : shaders, FBO, VBO, etc.

No way to know, not written in the spec :slight_smile: Why do you want to know?