wglMakeCurrent errors

I have a couple of 3D apps that will not run.
I get an error message saying “Assertion failed: wglMakeCurrent(hdc,hrc),file D:\projects\characterfx\GLPanel.cpp, line 73”

Another app says “wglMakeCurrent() failed initial setup”.

What should I do to fix this?

Did you specified a valid pixel format??
Check it

im running a voodoo3 2000 and in qw…sometimes qw will shut down and a box pops open that says WGLMAKECURRENT failed…and my mouse gets all funky and i have to reboot…if ANYONE knows why and how to fix this PLEASE email me=( cheesewhiz69@earthlink.net or u can get me on AIM at cheesewhiz69 or ICQ at 2204634 TNX A BUNCH!