I am trying to use:

in Windows 8.1

The errors I am getting are:
error C2100: illegal indirection
error C2064: term does not evaluate to a function taking 339 arguments

I have no idea how to use this windows function

GLuint triangleVBO;

	void *vPointer;
	vPointer = GetAnyGLFuncAddress("glGenBuffers");
	(*vPointer)(1, &triangleVBO);


void *GetAnyGLFuncAddress(const char *name)
	void *p = (void *)wglGetProcAddress(name);
	if (p == 0 ||
		(p == (void*)0x1) || (p == (void*)0x2) || (p == (void*)0x3) ||
		(p == (void*)-1))
		HMODULE module = LoadLibraryA("opengl32.dll");
		p = (void *)GetProcAddress(module, name);

	return p;

Any help gratefully appreciated.


This never threw up any errors

GLuint triangleVBO;
PFNGLGENBUFFERSPROC vPointer = GetAnyGLFuncAddress("glGenBuffers");
(vPointer)( 1, &triangleVBO);

Am I on the right road?

Looks like it, yes.

You should need a (PFNGLGENBUFFERSPROC) cast to convert the void * returned from GetAnyGLFuncAddress() though. See the example here for instance:

Load OpenGL Functions#Function Retrieval

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