wglGetProcAddress crossplatform

Is there a func similar to wglGetProcAddress in glut so that I can make a crossplatform prog with extensions?
Or do I need to find a similar func in the OS im going to use?
Or is there a way to do this with out wglGetProcAddress?


On Win32-platforms there are no other ways than to use wglGetProcAddress. This is a systemspecific function, and does not exists in other environments, thereof the prefix wgl, Windows GL (or something like that). On X, I think there is a function glXGetProcAddress (haven’t used X yet, so not sure about the name), so there are similar fucntions in X. But you can never write 100% crossplatform code using extensions, not even with the help of GLUT. You must insert some #ifdefs to make some of the code platform dependant.

Look here: