wglGetProcAddress compilation errors...

Hi, I’m having some problems compiling my code using wglGetProcAddress…
I’m using VC++ 6 SP5 on Win2k for reference.
Whenever I assign the function pointer, it gives me an error:
error C2440: ‘=’ : cannot convert from ‘int (__stdcall *)(void)’ to 'void (__stdcall *)(unsigned int,float)

I get similar (the parameters vary with the GL call I’m assigning) errors for EVERY assignment I do (loading each OpenGL function from the library).

Now, this is with the file haivng a .cpp extension, if I change it to a .c extension, the compiler just gives a warning (number #4113 I think) and carries on happily.
While I’d like to say it’s a solution just to have it as a .c file, I’d like to know if anybody else has encountered such a problem and what can be done to resolve it short of changing the file extension.

Thanks for any help,


Sounds like you are trying to cast to the wrong function pointer types, or possibly are not casting at all.

Here’s an example of how it should be used…

// This line is from glext.h
typedef void (APIENTRY * PFNGLFOGCOORDFEXTPROC) (GLfloat coord);


glFogCoordfEXT = (PFNGLFOGCOORDFEXTPROC)wglGetProcAddress(“glFogCoordfEXT”);

// then just use like a function

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Deiussum - I wasn’t casting at all

That was partly because I hadn’t typedef’d the function pointers but anyway…

I’ve re-organised everything and am casting like you said, it works OK now.

Thankyou again.