wglFreeMemoryNV (null); == crash ?

If I read the spec right, a wglFreeMemoryNV with any pointer that was not allocated with wglAllocateMemoryNV should silently fail… However I seem to get a crash if I pass a null pointer. This is with 40.41 on Win2K. I’ll just check for nullness – but did I read that right that it “should” work ?..

The wglFreeMemoryNV command frees memory allocated with wglAllocateMemoryNV.
The <pointer> should be a pointer returned by wglAllocateMemoryNV and not previously freed. 
 If a pointer is passed to wglFreeMemoryNV that was not allocated via wglAllocateMemoryNV
 or was previously freed (without being 
reallocated), the free is ignored with no error reported.

edit : stupid code tag :\

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Hmmm, I’ll look into this one… I can see how it might happen.

  • Matt

This will be fixed in a future driver release.

  • Matt

Thanks !