wglext doubts...

Hi everyone,

From what I understand, wglext is necessary to get multisampling going, right?

And wglext is a platform dependent extension, isn’t it?

So, if this is all true (I don’t know if it is xD), how would I be able to achieve multisampling without having platform dependency?

Hope someone can take the time to answer these questions, 'cause I know they are newbie questions :o

Thanks in advance,


@ Bump, help me please :o

its platform dependent and to put it in an easy way, to achieve MS on Windows you need the wglext (where all defines and functions ptrs are located) to retrieve a function so you can create a window with MS.


So, I can’t get MS to work in other OS… But is there any AA that is platform independent? And, if there is one, is it going to work in every graphic cards?

Thank you for your answer NK :wink:

you can of course implement AA on other platform, just saying that you will need some #ifdef guards and different routines to manage it. to answer your question: you can’t afaik.

Thank you NK :slight_smile: