Okay, I’d posted a problem a few weeks back that I was having with Win2K and wglDeleteContext(). I’ve narrowed it down! The textures I’m loading are RGB with a bpp (bytes-per-pixel) of 3. I noticed that when running in 24 bit color, I do not get the wglDeleteContext crash but while running in 16bit I do. So I guess the clear problem is that I’m using too large color data. I had thought that this wouldn’t be a problem thinking that OpenGL would take care of any needed conversion when it copied the data to video memory but I guess I was wrong… So, does that mean I still have to worry about whether a user is running in 5-6-5 or 5-5-5 RGB? Any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

Hi !

Normally I have no problems at all like this, I have noticed one time though, when using software rendering into a DIB, I had to set the color depth to match the DIB color depth or else I got all kinds of weird problems.

But with normal rendering to a Windows I have never had any problems like this.


I’ve found that this doesn’t happen under Win98. Just Win2k. Wierd huh?