wglcreatecontext failed

I have been developing/running an opengl app for 1 year. Today, I started getting the “wglcreatecontext” failed. All opengl programs now produce this error. I have changed color/display modes, re-installed my drivers, looked in registry. Another customer is experiencing a similar problem and my hunch is our application somehow removed the link to the opengl dll or to the driver? anyone have remedies. Tried everything that has worked in the past. -Kathleen Liston

I had a similar problem with Win2k, it turned out that I was using two vidcards to run a dual-monitor setup. I was using a Voodoo3 as the secondary, with my Radeon64DDRvivo as my primary graphics adapter. Even after removing the Voodoo card, I had the same problem with any opengl app, until I deleted every single reference to other display adapters in the registry.

Have you changed your hardware configuration at all recently?