I´m trying to get multiple PBuffers to work on a Geforce6800GT card. I´m using those 66.88 drivers.

While on ATI cards I have been able to share a single context among different pbuffers, especially between the framebuffer and a floating point pbuffer, nVidia cards seem to be much more restrictive. I have to create separate rendering context for each kind of buffer. Handling different contexts in a single app IS A MESS.

In order to get around my problems quickly, I tried to “hide” those multiple contexts from the application, e.g. switch them “behind the scenes”. This requires them to share their lists (textures, vbos…) but I need them to share their state, too!
So I tried to use wglCopyContext() in order to copy the state of the current context to the one that is made current directly afterwards. Unfortunately, that just causes a crash as soon as I try to copy the state from the framebuffer-context to the floating-point-pbuffer-context.

What is wrong with this? Is it a driver bug (I strongly assume that…)? Has anyone experienced that behaviour, too?

thx for your help

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