I try to use wglAllocateMemoryNV in my sourcecode. But I always receive an error “Unbehandelter Ausnahmefehler” from MSVC++. wglAllocateMemoryNV doesn’t return Null or something else. I used an nvidia tool to measure AGP performance…this works well (and it uses wglAllocateMemoryNV). Is it a problem that I use calloc prior to wglAllocateMemoryNV ???
AGP memory is to 128 in bios. Installed newer AGP driver (I use a tyan board 2462)

Any ideas ??

  1. what does “Unbehandelter Ausnahmefehler” mean in english
  2. what do you use calloc for?
  3. attach some source code so we can see what are you exactly doing

Make sure that:-

  1. You’ve successfully got the function pointer for wglAllocateMemoryNV using wglGetProcAddress.
  2. You only call it once at initialisation.
  3. You don’t try to allocate too much memory.

Originally posted by aphex:
what does “Unbehandelter Ausnahmefehler” mean in english

Unhandled exception.