wgl vs glut

I’m working on this project that I have working with the glut library but I decided to use the wgl library because it supports overlay and underlay better with my GVX1 card. I can’t seem to create a blank full screen window like I did with the glut library. The best I can do is a maximized window with a blue title bar on top. I used the glutFullScreen() function previously. What is the wgl equivalent function? I would appreciate any help with this.

Well, just set the window size to the screen size and set the window’s style to prevent showing the border (dont remember the name of the func&the parameter, didnt program for windows for 1 year now, but you can look it up in the MSDN)


Specify WS_POPUP as one of the style parameters when creating the window.


Thank you very much Glossifah, it worked!

You may also want to look at the ChangeDisplaySettings function. This will let you create a true fullscreen window rather than a window that just happens to take up the whole desktop. This code snippet

static DEVMODE sgWindowMode;
sgWindowMode.dmSize = sizeof(DEVMODE);
sgWindowMode.dmBitsPerPel = 0;
sgWindowMode.dmPelsWidth = width;
sgWindowMode.dmPelsHeight = height;
sgWindowMode.dmDisplayFlags = 0;
sgWindowMode.dmDisplayFrequency = 0;
sgWindowMode.dmFields = DM_PELSWIDTH | DM_PELSHEIGHT;

ChangeDisplaySettings(&sgWindowMode, CDS_FULLSCREEN);

will change the display to fullscreen. Be sure and change it back using:

ChangeDisplaySettings(NULL, 0);

When you shut your app down.