WGL_NV_rtr + WGL_ATI_pff


I try to create a “Render-to-Float-Texture” Pbuffer in order to do HDR Rendering stuff. I want to use WGL_NV_render_texture_rectangle in conjunction with WGL_ATI_pixel_format_float.

But if I use both extensions together, wglChoosePixelFormatARB() returns no suitable pixelformat. Both extensions used alone seems to work, though (i.e. creating either a render-to-float-pbuffer or a 32bit-render-to-rectangle-pbuffer)

Also, I´m asking myself how to create a ARB_npot capable RTT pbuffer… It would be more convenient to me (because of the normalized texture coordinates). Is that even possible?

Another thing I tried was to create a rectangle-float-pbuffer (without RTT capablility) and then to copy the contents over to a npot-float-texture using glCopyTexSubImage(). For some reason this crashed my machine :frowning:

Hopefully, FBO will overcome all those cumbersome limitations and dependencies…

Some facts: I´m using a GF6800GT on W2K with 75.90 drivers.

So, if anybody has a tip how to get render-to-rectangular-floating-point-texture (hey a new acronym is born: RTRFPT :wink: working, I´m glad to hear it!

Perhaps GL_NV_float_buffer is what you need?


Download my framework from http://rttv.users.sbb.co.yu/RTRFPT.zip

This is a example that you need (RTRFPT class). If you want to recompile project remove DirectShow stuff and VideoPlayer class.

This example uses excellent RenderTexture class.

edit: example was updated. Download again