How can I query the WGL_EXT_extensions string and is this the right name?


const GLubyte* extensions = glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS);

extensions will now have a space delimited list of all the extensions supported by your implementation of OpenGL.

Thanks, but I wanted to now these stuff for the whole WGL extensions !


I thought WGL extensions were also listed in that string? I know there are at least some that are. I did just read something in the advanced forum about this after I made that post, though. Evidently, you can try and use wglGetProcAddress to get a pointer to wglGetExtensionStringEXT. Not sure what the prototype for that is, though. Never heard of it myself and I don’t see it anywhere in the glext.h file.

Newer versions of OpenGL drivers on Windows support WGL_ARB_extensions_string. To see if you can use it, you’ll have to querry glGetString as ususal for extensions. Once you get a function pointer to wglGetExtensionsStringARB, you can call it to get your wgl extensions.

btw, you will need a copy of wglext.h to get the extension enumerants and other important #defines. nVidia’s OpenGL SDK has one.

an example of wgl_extensions_string is on my site (profile) also delphi3d has an example.