WGL Color Palettes

I’m still learning a lot about the wgl library. I’m writing some software that involves a dual layer buffer on an Oxygen GVX1 card. I’m finding it difficult to specify all the colors I need in a custom palette. Is there an already made palette I can use? If so, what do I need to modify in the following code (I didn’t copy the whole function, just the parts that need modifiecation)? Where can I find the color code table if I decide to use a custom palette? I’d appreciate any help I can get on this and thank you in advance.

/* Local Variables */
int pf, maxpf;
int nEntries = 9;
COLORREF crEntries[9] =
0x00000000, // Black
0x00808080, // Gray
0x000000FF, // Red
0x0000FFFF, // Yellow
0x0000FF00, // Green
0x00FFFF00, // Cyan
0x00FF0000, // Blue
0x00FF00FF // Magenta

DescribePixelFormat(hDC, pf, sizeof(PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR), &pfd);
// set up the layer palette
wglSetLayerPaletteEntries(hDC, 1, 0, nEntries, crEntries);
// realize the palette
wglRealizeLayerPalette(hDC, 1, TRUE);