WGL_ARB_pbuffer and GLX_SGIX_pbuffer

I am researching the use of imposters to improve some of my tree rendering. My code base runs on Linux and Windows. Does WGL_ARB_pbuffer provide the same functionality as GLX_SGIX_pbuffer? Do I have to support both if I need to run in Linux and windows?

Thanks in advance for any help…

Yes, those extensions are basically equivalent and you’ll need to implement both if you want your app to work in Windows and Linux.

I’ve wondered about this myself.

Why isn’t there a GLX_ARB_pbuffer?
Or maybe it doesn’t matter and SGIX is good …

If we’re to believe the “future plans” part, then the Uber Buffers will help us out with standardization, moving forward.

The reason it’s WGL and not GL is that it’s dependent on the surrounding device/window model, not just GL itself.