WGL_ARB_extensions_string vs WGL_EXT_extensions_st

I could not type the entire title but it should say
WGL_ARB_extensions_string vs WGL_EXT_extensions_string

WGL_ARB_extensions_string is not returned by glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS)
but WGL_EXT_extensions_string is? Huh?

On nVidia,
it seems that neither is returned? More huh?

Those 2 extensions are returned in wglGetExtensionsStringARB(HDC);

but that doesn’t make sense because it becomes a chicken and egg problem. Finally, could we make multisample support a core functionality and forget extensions.

Never noticed that that there were 2 of these rascals. I actually get both in my list of goodies from my G80.

I always assumed that ARB is prefereable over EXT, but in this case I wonder if it really matters…

Actually, the EXT version doesn’t take a HDC.
Are you sure you have the both these extensions returned by glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS)?

I get both of them returned by wglGetExtensionStringARB(HDC).

wglGetExtensionStringEXT works for me too, without the HDC. Interesting… I was under the impression that extensions were context specific, but then again that’s not chiseled in stone anywhere.

Thank god it’s friday…

Yes but wglGetExtensionStringARB is defined in WGL_ARB_extensions_string. So you are getting the function pointer for wglGetExtensionStringARB, then you find that WGL_ARB_extensions_string is supported. That`s kind of dumb and it pissesme off.

Right, I see your point. Tis a bit round-your-arse-to-your-elbowz.