Went from GloriaII to GlariaIII and openGL (3d apps) will not work--Help Please!!

My workstation at work (a BOXX dual pentium, NT 4.0) had a GloriaII that was having some display problems…BOXX was nice enopugh to replace it with a new GloriaIII. Only problem is, if I try to open any OpenGL based 3d app (Lightwave, 3d Max) it now crashes the system. I have tried old and new drivers from both NVidia and ELSA to no avail. The ELSA support people have no clue (the card works for everyone else!!!)
I have even gone back to the GloriaII and switched to its drivers, and now the same problem exists there…has to be some file somewhere, but beyond my knowledge
One other hint…If I try the Sandia OpenGL test, it too freezes the system.
Specifically…for 3d Max the program gets to “Loading” and never opens the window, in Lightwave Layout just the boarder of the window appears and nothing more.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help at all…I need to get back to work and not work on bringing up OpenGL