Weirdness with far away objects... works on Win

Hey guys,

I’m having a strange problem with a small game application which I’ve ported from Windows to Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) using GLUT.

Basically, objects that are far away and that have planes/triangles which are relatively close to each other, start to intersect. See image below.

Close up, no problem:

On Windows, the application runs fine and there aren’t any intersection problems.

Has anyone encountered such issues before?



Hey guys just FYI I resolved this. It was a depth buffer issue. I decreased the view volume to about what I needed and it worked after that.



Are you sure you request a 24-bits depth buffer ? Use glutInitDisplayString to specify the minimum number of bits.
Otherwise you may get 16 or 24 depending on a lot of stuff.
And 16 is really imprecise.

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