Weird Vulkan Errors with Steam Overlay

I’m not very well verse with graphics / display stuff so I figured I’d ask smarter people! I’m working with Godot Engine 4 and a Steamworks module I develop. We found that Steamworks overlay will no work with their Forward+ rendered in the editor but works fine when the game is exported and uploaded to Steam.

The only real solid lead we have currently (thanks to an industrious user) is this:

Any leads or direction would be helpful!

Creation of the Vulkan Swapchain failed in Godot with error code that is obscured by Godot.

If it is not your code and not your error, maybe you should report it to relevant parties responsible for the problem.

Thanks for the reply! The module I build doesn’t create any of these errors, this is all from Godot. I have opened an issue over there but haven’t really gotten any traction so I figured I’d come here to ask. But if this isn’t helpful and is Godot-specific then I may be stuck.

It doesn’t help Godot obscures\throws away the errror. The error points to this code. I am still not clear what exactly are you doing. If you are an outside user, what you conceivably might have influence over is the Window\Surface being used. To be used with Vulkan, a window must be suitable™ for it. Among other things, no swapchain must have previously been made on the window (and that means any swapchain, no previous OpenGL swapchains, no previous DirectX swapchains, none at all).

Thanks for the further details! My module basically adds Steamworks into the Godot game engine through Valve’s SDK. Where it got confusing is that running games through Steam’s client makes the overlay work but using Godot 4’s editor, it does not. It was fine with Godot 3’s editor using OpenGL.

The module creation doesn’t really give me much control over all of this except when the module is called but changing those levels does nothing at all.

Since I’m not well versed in display / graphics, I won’t even make any assumptions as to what happens when or how but I do know whatever is going on has to do with the Godot 4 editor. I wasn’t getting any traction over there so I came here.

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