Weird texture behaviour

I’ve encountered a strange problem – some textures are acting very strange. Look here:

Not only the tex image is wrong, but seems to be made from 2 different textures. Another thing is that the texel rows are shifted (the green part is a texture with a white text on it – you see that the letters are shifted).
Also can be noticed that no filtering is done.
If i delete all textures and recreate them again everything is ok, so looks like a texture that is corrupted. I’ve tried also with/without mip-mapping – no difference.
I’ve checked the image data and it’s ok.

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[This message has been edited by dawn (edited 01-25-2003).]

Yep looks like texture memory is corrupted.

How this happened is not clear though. Technically it shouldn’t happen but it could be caused by something illegal in your code when creating the textures that isn’t trapped.

Another thing: the fact is happening totally random (sometimes everything is ok).

I want to add that textures are created in realtime, not in the beginning – so if a new texture appears is created then – a texuture can be created in the middle of the frame.