weird non pow2 problem opengl3.3

I’ve found that for some reason if I load a non pow2 texture it get sheared. This forces me to shear it back into place using a matrix multiplication and setting it the Xy as the ratio (height/width) to fix the problem. I figured that opengl should have done this by itself right. I’ve read the spec but maybe I missed something. I’m sure it’s not my texture coordinates since it works fine if I use a 512^2 texture.

texture size wxh: 699x1008 (honestly this was a test texture).

shouldn’t opengl automatically do this as I load the data using glTexImage2D?

nvidia 9500 gt : 257.21 force drivers.

I’ve also found that this driver crashes my app if I enable TEXTURE_CUBE_SEAMLESS which is weird as I read the spec on that and I don’t see anything about when or if it fails.

Try glPixelStorei(GL_PACK_ALIGNMENT, 1) before uploading the texture.

Thanks that helped and because of that I realized the data I had for glTexImage* was the cause.

Glad i could help :slight_smile: