weird graphics

I have the following system:

AMD K6-2 450 Mhz
NVIDIA TNT2 M64 32 MB with detonator 3 drivers
4,3 GB harddisk with 1 GB free
soundblaster 128

Whenever I play an Opengl based game like Quake 3, Soldier of Fortune and Elite Force the graphics get dizzy. It looks like something with the color palette. The colors flow through each other. One out of a hundred times the graphics are perfect but most of the time it’s crap.

Maybe something with the Opengl properties in the display settings.

Any suggestions???

Having the same problems here with every OpenGL game I try:

AMD K6-2 400 Mhz
FIC VA-503+ mobo
64 MB PC100
NVIDIA TNT2 16MB running 5.32

Not sure why no one has posted a reply. I’ve always had this problem, even after reinstalling from scratch, so I just avoid every OpenGL product out there…