Weird fixed function text rendering and glsl fragment shader problem.

I am rendering a scene using a simple Phong-Blinn GLSL fragment shader. After I render this scene I am switching back to fixed function mode and then rendering some text (mainly diagnostic info such as FPS, camera pos, etc…) on the screen. I am rendering text using alpha blended textured quads. The app works fine if I start it up in fixed function mode and then switch over to the fragment shader. However if I start the app up in fragment shader mode I see the scene being displayed but there’s no text on the screen and the whole app locks up and becomes unresponsive.

I’ve found a work around. If I render the very first frame in fixed function mode then switch over to the fragment shader then everything works fine. Also if I disable the text rendering altogether then everything also works fine.

Anyone have any ideas? This is driving me crazy :confused:

My system specs are: AMD64 WinXP SP2 6800GT (forceware 66.93).