Hi there,

I was trying to find out a new common framework to deploy my apps on every mobile phone platform without having to maintain different solutions and native framework (Objective-c for iPhone, Java for Android (though NDK provides some C++ integration and C# for windows Phone). And everything I’ve seen so far is leading me more and more to a HTML5/JS solution.

The main issue when dealing with low-level audio is that JS is definitely not optimized therefore we need an underlying optimized C++ code behind all the processing callback. Unfortunately such framework doesn’t seem to exist at the moment. Well, there’s Web Audio API but it’s not as wide as I would have thought and it’s hard to really customized or to import an existing C++ audio framework inside as far as I’ve understood.

So my question is: do you intend to implement an WebSL framework in the short future?


Hi Tbop,

I will refer you to the thread: WebSL…we need it…urgently! where this topic was discussed previously.

We have currently not made any public announcements with regards to WebSL.