WebGL & x3d

Ok so i what i understand so far is:

WebGL: is a low level version of OpenGL compatible with HTML Canvas

X3D: is an XML upgrade of VRML

What i don’t understand is the relationship between them… Can someone please verify?

Are WebGL and X3D cross compatible? are they related to each other?

If they aren’t related to each how do i get 3d data from an editor into WebGL?

thanx for your patience!

Technically, X3D is just a file format. However, the X3DOM project has a player for it that runs on top of WebGL. I don’t think it’s in a finished state though - only one of the two very simple examples actually worked for me.


I honestly think it is a complete waste of time - it has all of the problems of VRML for all of the same reasons.

Thanks for the reply - i think have found an alternative web3D solution…