WebGl using C++

I am trying to develop the WebGl application to read the content of a file and display it in a 3D format as done in the CAD application
I am trying to create the JSON file using C++ with the triangulated info stored in some file.
I want to call C++ methods from JavaScript.
Is it possible to do it? Or is there any other language can be used for WebGl so that I can make a call to C++ functionality?

Please help me

In an online setup, JavaScript runs on the client’s computer (the person who is reading the web page). We don’t allow compiled languages like C++ to run in the browser because it’s a gigantic security risk. Hence, what you ask is 100% impossible.

Generally, you run C++ as a CGI program on the server. That allows you to access the program from the client by “opening” it as if it were a web page and receiving the results as a data block.

This technique goes by the name “AJAX” and Googling for that term will bring forth examples and explanations in great numbers!

– Steve