webgl related, but more html what about a 3d tag?

this is how i feel 3d in html should have been done, not everyone can code for javascript,but they do for html and i think leaving the creative force out is stupid.

the tag “3dobject” denotes a single 3d file solely for viewing.
the tag “3dworld” denotes a list of 3d files within a world to be interactive and scripted.

<3dworld type=(rasterized/raytraced) id= name= class=>
<3dobject src=(obj,collada,3ds) height= width= depth= /> (depth would only be used in teh 3dworld tag)


  1. for general viewing on items on 3d, eg. ebay items, or newegg product previews(saves space instead of using multiple hi res images to display a product)
  2. a simpler way to design interactive 3d scenes for general html designers and notonly for coders.

tell me what you think of my idea(and i doubt i am the first to think of this)

I think this idea is very similar to the old VRML/X3D approach.

Actually, try x3dom.

Which allow running X3D with WebGL backend.