WebGL deliverables and plan

I have just found out this website http://webkit.org/blog/603/webgl-now-av … nightlies/ which says,
“WebGL is a new standard being worked on in the Khronos consortium. The work done in Khronos is only available to its members, so I can’t show you the spec just yet. But it will become public within the next few months after a review by Khronos members.”. It was posted on October 19th, 2009.

Where can I find the following info?

What are the key deliverables? Specification, utilities, tools, (conformance) test suites, etc. Many OpenGL apps use the glu.h and Windowing specific extensions (WGL, GLX, etc).
When are they going to be available for public (beta, final release, etc)? I only found http://www.nihilogic.dk/labs/webgl_chea … _Sheet.htm

Those info would be useful so we could plan accordingly.
Thanks in advance for your help.

The key deliverable is a specification, agreed on by a number of browser vendors. Beyond that, it’s up to the vendors to deliver implementations of that specification in their browsers… I don’t think any of us have committed to a specific version, as there are still a number of security-related issues to resolve, but there’s certainly a lot of interest. We will also be creating a test suite to ensure conformance and interoperability between the different browsers.

The windowing system specific extensions are generally not needed, as there is no windowing system to interface with – with WebGL, you work with the web/HTML for all non-GL-rendering related aspects. Some features such as pbuffers are not available, as they do require windowing system specific code, but alternatives like FBOs are. Something like GLU is not part of the group’s deliverables, but there are many efforts on the web to create various utility libraries of that nature.


Thanks for clarifying the process. Is there an expected date for delivering a draft version of the spec? I appreciate that fully-fledged (or even half-fledged) implementations may come much later!