Weather effects -- rain&snow

Does anyone have information on how to implement weather effects – particularly rain and snow, but also clouds? Algorithms showing EOM, etc, or if you use textures how do you do so to get good depth effect?

Thanks in advance for any help.

By the way this is for real-time, so nothing with too much overhead, please. Thanks again!

We had a big discussion about a month ago on the rain in Metal Gear Solid 2. Try searching for that.

Thanks for the pointer. Actually I checked there but I didn’t really see any links to code or demos, just some suggestion that particle-based rain would be best (but probably not good for realtime) and that there might be a link on gamedev.

Go back and re-read my posts. I was actually against particle based rain.

I can understand why particle-based rain/snow might be bad. On the other hand I have seen it demonstrated so I know, at least in theory, that it is possible. I think part of of the trick of it to reduce the actually physics calculations is to replicate the particles and distribute them around spatially in such a way that they don’t appear to move in unison.

I dont know if you’d want to use it in a game… but I have a pretty good example of rain and snow…
Read the readme to find out how to display them… Each raindrop/snowflake are individual particles there are 5000 each. If you want I’ll release the source to the particle system…