water ripple + reflection

halo, I would like to ask is it possible to use openGL + C++ to produce the ripple effect? If yes, would anyone be kindly enough to give me some link ? Thanks.

Further, would they be any reference/sample source that teach the “dynamic reflection” ? (ie. when suddenly there is a butterfly on top of a lake, the surface of the lake can reflect it. thx)


It talks about reflection of a ball on the floor, I guess a butterfly on water is mostly the same ( except maybe if there’s waves )

I could write a lot of stuff about that as I am actually doing it myself at the moment. Should I?

This is what my water looks like at the moment:

(you might have to re-enter the url to make the links work, strange behaviour sometimes when I upload them with linux)
http://de.geocities.com/westphj2003/scene1.jpg http://de.geocities.com/westphj2003/scene2.jpg

hi, will you create some ripple on the water? if so, what is the maths theorem you use?

This presentation was recently posted in the advanced forums. It might give you a good idea of how to do water:


yea… i need help for creating ripple effect by using c++ with opengl library… any source code?? or what step should i do first… i totally no idea… thanks…

Those posts were from 2004, so you might be better off making a new topic.