warning: no vertex attribute zero

warning: no vertex attribute is explicitly assigned to vertex attribute zero

If anybody has hit this, what are the options for getting rid of this warning?

Sometimes you just don’t need gl_Vertex (vertex attrib 0) in the vertex shader to do the job.

If you’re not using the built-in attribute “gl_Vertex”, you must specifically designate one of the vertex attributes to be attribute 0. Use “glBindAttribLocation” before linking the program.

#pragma warning(…) would be nice here.

Thanks. I didn’t find anything on this in the spec. Is this a spec issue or a vendor driver quirk?

And if the former, is this true even for GLSL 1.3-1.5? Maybe I’m just searching for the wrong strings.

The orange book mentions this in the chapter about vertex attributes and uniforms. I don’t know where they got this information from however.

Thanks for the tip!

I think this limitation was lifted in OpenGL 3.0+.

I think this limitation was lifted in OpenGL 3.0+.

Well, it is just a warning…