WARNING! An extremely advanced question

What could be the reason that when enabling 2d texture for tmu0, the rendering becomes very slow, obviously in software?

ATI Radeon X1600 with latest drivers.

How can I debug the program?


Pardon my ignorance - what is tmu0?

Are you using a shader? What is the format of the texture?

One would think that after 171 posts people should know the basics.

Maybe he is speaking about TrackMania United or in my opinion, about the Texture Mapping Unit 0.

Sorry…found it! i forgot that my textures are non power of 2.

TMU is Texture Mapping Unit, from the day of 3Dfx Glide.

you’re trying to use glide with a radeon?
how quaint.
but remember, this is an opengl forum.

The OpenGL answer:

Radeon X1600 can not sample from NPOT textures if any of the following are true:

a) mipmapped
b) repeat or mirror wrap mode
c) 3D or CUBE target

in other words, it only supports the RECT subset of NPOT.