WANTED: 3d Rotating Scatter Plot design lib for delphi or c++


I am interested in a 3d Rotatable Scatter Plot library or tool that I can incorporate into my delphi application for release later this year. The closest library I have found is the following (http://www.lohninger.com/rot3d.html), maybe someone could take a look at it and tell if there’s something else out there!

I need it to plot with user data X,Y,Z coordinates also it must be able to plot over 33,000 points and possibly even thousands or million points if that possible. It needs to be rotating so that we may view one point at any angle (top,bottom,sides). It needs to be zoomable and printable (in color even).

Am I asking for alot here? maybe!

What I believe you need is a double state rendering library: In one state it shall render your data on a window (using OpenGL so as to be fast enough for realtime rotating-scaling), and in the other state it should use just maths to “render” your data to a collection of lines, so as to be plottable. Plotting can not be done using a bitmap cause you can not render bitmaps in high resolutions. I have written a project that gives the output as lines, so as the application might send them to a plotter, thus giving an endless (specifically, plotter dependant) resolution. The result of that kind of rendered data will be the same with the AutoCAD HIDE command (not SHADE). If you are interested on details email me.