Want to use double precision vertex buffer

Hello, my focus is 3d surface rendering of some mathematical functions or statistical data
I don’t need to work about game programming nor high performance
That is, I don’t need CUDA nor fast speed nor texture etc
(But of course, I need RGB true color pixels, and maybe some simple shaders)
I want precise rendering of 3 dimensional manifolds or surfaces or curves in euclidean space
with scaling up or down, rotation, translation etc
For these, I want to use double precision in vertex buffer

May I ask
is this possible? does Vulkan support API’s dealing with double precision data ?

Thank you

I think all the fixed functionality is f32 (gl_position onward).

Storage and vertex buffer can have various types, depending on declared GPU support.

f32 should be sufficient. To be off by a pixel, the image would have to be like million×million resolution. At which point you run into other Limits.

Hello, krOoze

Thank you for your advise. I understand now

Have a nice day and see you again