Want to show image in 3D

Hi to everyone,

I am new for Opengl.I want to display my input image in 3D view with mouse control. So in z dimension I have to show/plot image depth.

Is this possible it with opengl?Kindly guide me.


In principle YES.
There is more than 1 Possible solution. Depends on your requirements.
From … Draw a high tessellated Quad with the Texture … to … manipulating the Z-Value of you screen pixels in Shader.

Thank you for your reply.

Can you provide me link to download OpenGl for windows along with manual/references? Because I searched a lot but I could not able to find Opengl.
On this site, there are too many products so I am confused which product I should select for my project.

Thank you in advance.

Nayan Kapadia

OpenGL is part of graphics card driver. There is no
usefull download for Windows.
Later you need sam header files to use extensions …

To start use the nehe tutorials.

specs you can download from here

OpenGL 2.1 Specification (pdf revised 2006/12/01)
(3.0 is not Implementet everywere)