Want to contract a shader programmer

I would like to hire an individual to program shaders in GL Shading Language, for our engine and general-purpose level editor “3D World Studio”. They will first implement a default shader using a diffuse texture, specular map and highlight, cubemap, and normal map. This shader should be able to accept either lightmaps, baked vertex lighting, or a volumetric light based on a 3D texture. Specular highlights should be able to work with either a cubemap or a solid color. An optional environment-mapped bumpmapping effect and parallax mapping should be included as well. The applicant should have a good knowledge of shader performance and optimizations, since this will be used in a real-time application.

I was able to implement most of this myself, but I want to focus on the core engine and editor technology, and let another programmer handle shaders.

If interested, please email support at leadwerks dot com. Thanks!

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