Greetings for everybody,

I am very happy to see that NVIVDIA has broken the thumb rule of releasing Windows drivers first.
Now I’m running my linux with the new OpenGL drivers with GLSL support and very happy with the performance. Now the question is how come that NVIDIA still has not released the Windows XP drivers, is it that diifuclt to make bug-free drivers for Windows?



Trolls like this give Linux users/developers a bad name. Maybe the original poster should ponder how much code is shared by NVIDIA’s unified driver architecture in the Windows, Linux, and BSD drivers. Maybe the original poster should have contrasted the driver models across different operating systems in a forum where this would actually be on-topic.

Alright. That’s enough feeding of the trolls.

I wonder when a discussion about graphics drivers is off subject on an OpenGL board? Where is it on subject? It couldn’t be on a hardware board, drivers are software. It couldn’t be on a gaming board, drivers are not games. It couldn’t be on an nVidia discussion board…

I really wish some people on the OGL advanced forum would please take a pill. There are subjects of interest that are not directly related to OpenGL, and I would rather see them than not see them.

As for the initial title of this topic, it really, really needs to be specific to the post.