W2k, OpenGL, and the Refresh Rate...... oh, and Tribes 2

Well, i’ve got W2k and Voodoo 3… 2 probs:

1) Every time I try to play a game, its in 60HZ… I’ve D/Led the 3DFX REFRESH RATE SWITCHING util… but the games DO NOT RUN ABOVE 60HZ… they all crash on any refresh rate above 60!
(by games i mean Q3, T2, and UT)

2) T2 also causes some more problems… i’ve tried MANY drivers and only a few worked … and those even didn’t work too well. Can anyone recommend me a good Voodoo 3 driver for W2k that WORKS w/ Tribes 2?
(i’ve tried the following drivers:
WickedGL - got screwed up color
Omega - no D3D, OpenGL very slow in some parts of the game)

Any help at all will be appreciated !

I’ve got the same problem in Counter-strike! I use a GeForce2 GTS.