Vulkan without GLFW

Hello, I am a beginner

I am working on JUCE with Vulkan for sound and visualization over math and statistics (or music analysis)
JUCE is a platform for sound engineers

At now JUCE does not support API’s for Vulkan

I don’t need mutli-platforms. I am working only on MS Windows and NVIDIA VGAs
I am planning to draw 3D geometries by Vulkan and draw 2D geometries by JUCE graphics
(on separate windows)

My questions are

  1. Can I create windows and surfaces without GLFW ?

  2. I want to create windows by myself using JUCE APIs or Windows C++ APIs
    where Vulkan will render
    So, I will have more freedoms over window managements, for example, calling JUCE functions directly
    Also, I want it to be modeless or modal or want to change the parent window or mouse focus, keyboard focus from that Vulkan’s window

Is this possible ??

  1. If I should use GLFW only,
    can I have more freedoms like accessing HWND handle, customizing window settings, and vulkan’s own setting from outside
    to call JUCE APIs and interactions ??

I am waiting for your help and see you

Vulkan does not depend on GLFW. It accepts HWND directly. See e.g. my example here: Hello_Triangle/src/WSI/Win32.h at ed984cde2cceb344f1292b7e8cb164e447d174b5 · krOoze/Hello_Triangle · GitHub

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Hello, krOoze

Thank you again for your advise and kindness

I will modify my source as you guided
Your source gives me so much freedom and controls over the window I am creating, as I wanted !

See you again. Have a great day !

Hello, krOoze

I succeeded in applying your code into my program without GLFW

Thank you again